The only way to get better is to practise

Practise makes perfect, isn’t that what they say?

I admit it, I can be a nagging mum! I find myself repeating ‘But darling you need to practise to get better.’ My little girl is just at the point of reading fluently now. However when she started Primary 3, she was struggling to read her books and she laboured over lots of words. I remember her frustration at not being able to read very well and she was definitely comparing herself to some of her friends in the class who were better and more fluent.There were tears on a few occasions and wails of ‘I can’t do this!’ – completely heart wrenching, especially when you know she’s on the cusp of a breakthrough.

But bless her heart, she stuck with it. So, with lots of  encouragement and patience from me and her dad, she practised her little socks off and now is reading anything and everything. She reads posters, newspapers, menus… anything she can to practise her sounding out, joining words and blending them. I can honestly say what a difference! Consequently, she’s delighted and her confidence is soaring. It’s so lovely to see.

Now we expect, as adults to be able to grasp something really easily. Once we have, we expect that we should somehow get really good at it quickly, because if we don’t we may give up and walk away, saying it’s not for us.

But why should we feel that way?

It’s an enormous pressure to put on ourselves, especially if we are taking on something brand new. You have to give yourself permission to be imperfect, to make mistakes and learn from them. Otherwise, how on earth can we expect to get better?

Practising with Silver Clay

It’s hard with Silver Clay too – because it’s perceived as an expensive product (and it is – although it is very cost effective when it’s used properly) and making mistakes with it can be heightened with the fear of wasting money. Totally understandable. I’ve been there. I’ve felt the panic when something went wrong and I didn’t know how to correct it. I’ve come through the other side too!

And that’s why learning with someone who knows how that feels, has made those mistakes before you and can share her experience with you is SO invaluable. Because, trust me – I have made mistakes in their HUNDREDS! I have learned from instructors and I have put in hours and hours making with Silver Clay Jewellery. As a result, I know what works and what doesn’t and I am so happy to share those things with my students. I love watching them and hearing the penny dropping!

My mistakes and growing pains will benefit you.  It will help to cut some corners and avoid making disappointing errors. I am so happy to guide you through. You will still make mistakes and still have wobbles, but hopefully a lot less than mine. And if you do, don’t worry!

Because with Silver Clay – there is no waste. Check out my blog on that subject if you don’t believe me.

Just have a look at the latest bag of crap ideas, mistakes and trial and error pieces I have!

Fired silver clay,ready frr recycling

Fired silver clay,ready for recycling

That’s 1.6kg of fired silver clay right there. However, it’s NOT wasted and it will be heading off to a Silver and Gold merchant very soon. Mind you, this is NOT including the dried silver clay that I have in my studio, waiting to be ground up and reconstituted back into clay! There’s probably another few hundred grams of that too.

So, in conclusion, making mistakes is part of growing and learning. It should never been seen as a negative. And if you choose to go down an instructor led path with the Silver Clay School – you can learn from MY mistakes too!


With love until next time

Emma xxx