Learn How to Make Your Own Silver Clay Jewellery

Making silver clay jewellery is fun, fulfilling and enormously satisfying!

Immerse yourself in a beautiful, creative hobby which will bring a sense of challenge, accomplishment and creativity into your life. You will not be able to believe what you can achieve with a fabulous silver clay jewellery course, a patient tutor and your own two hands!


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Alchemy! Membership

Silver Clay Jewellery Making for Beginners

Begin your Silver Clay exploration with a carefully crafted 12-month course which will take you through different techniques and methods of working with silver clay. Designed to help you learn, experiment and grow into a silver clay artist.

On-Demand SIlver Clay Courses

On-Demand Courses

Silver Clay Jewellery Designs

For the more experienced silver clay artist, these on demand courses focus on a specific technique. Hone your skills with my in depth and detailed lessons. Pick one of my unique courses and immerse yourself in some new techniques.

studio workshops

Studio Workshops

Silver Clay Jewellery Making in Fife, Scotland

For anyone who wants a more personal 1-to-1 experience, you are welcome to come to my beautiful, fully equipped studio and make whatever you’d like! We’ll discuss what you want to learn and I’ll provide everything you’ll need on the day.

My Lovely Silver Clay School Students

We have built a gorgeous and supportive community, my students and I.

There are over 300 of us and there’s a real mix of experience and knowledge, which makes it a real hive mind. So if you ask a question and I don’t know the answer…it does happen sometimes!… then there will be someone else in the group who usually does.

Many of my students tell me it’s one of the best things about being in Silver Clay School.

“I’m loving being part of this group. Everyone is so caring and sharing.”


“The fabulous support of the Silver Clay student community, coupled with dedicated time to talk in detail with Emma, is awesome!

I joined Silver Clay School as a complete novice. Emma’s ethos is that learning is very much about the journey and that you can often get more from just having a go, especially when things don’t go according to plan! It’s such a positive and encouraging way to approach learning, and one that really helps to get you out of your comfort zone. Although the programme is delivered on a remote basis, the support of the student Facebook Group means that you still feel part of a school environment. 

I really can’t recommend Emma and Silver Clay School highly enough.”

Michelle R

Lover of Jewellery

“I love how Emma makes it look so easy and explains things in an easy to understand way, there’s no jargon.

There’s so many projects to work on, but Emma professionally takes you through the different skill levels with each module. You can take your time which is great, and there’s no time pressure at all.

And the Facebook Group is great! I’m always asking questions, and someone always answers, so it’s good to get different views.

Joining this course was the best decision I’ve made for myself. I love making the pieces, plus a little bonus is that you can sell the jewellery too giving you some extra pocket money, which will no doubt will be put towards more metal clay!!”

Ayme L

Lover of Jewellery


Silver Clay Artist Emma Gordon

“I am ridiculously passionate about silver clay and jewellery making!”

Over the past 10 years, I have taught hundreds of students all about the wonderful medium that is Silver Clay and I still get a kick out of watching beginners brush their first piece of fired silver.

I have been lucky enough to train with some of the best Silver Clay artists in the world, learn from them and incorporate their tricks and techniques into my working style.

And I love passing on my knowledge and experience to my students.

Using Cellulose Gel to reconstitute Silver Clay

Using Cellulose Gel to reconstitute Silver Clay

Using Cellulose Gel to Reconsitute Silver Clay Today, I am sharing my experiences of using cellulose gel to reconstitute silver clay. Why? Have you found that reconstituting your silver clay hasn’t been going as planned? Has it been crumbly and not coming together...

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Can you refire Silver Clay?

Can you refire Silver Clay?

Can you refire Silver Clay? I was teaching a workshop the other day and I was talking about refiring a piece made from Silver Clay and someone asked me “Wait, what…you can refire Silver Clay?” and it occurred to me that some people may not know that. I am here writing...

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