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Privacy Policy

My Privacy Policy

Yes, I expect a wee fanfare and round of applause….

This document is to let you know what I, Emma Gordon trading as Silver Clay School do with your data. It’s all above board and you should know that I don’t use your data for anything other than what I say I use it for.


I collect some data on you via my website but it’s a teeny tiny amount, usually just your email address if you want to keep in touch with me via my newsletter, which aims to give you great information about any Silver Clay related things; like my classes or new tools or clay to market or anything else that I think you’d like to hear about, but only solely related to me and my business. I am not suddenly going to bombard you asking about PPI or insurance or any other nonsense. In order for me to remain in contact with you like this, I do collect your information via Mailchimp which is outside the EU – Mailchimp have told me they are GDPR compliant.

Class Booking / Online Subscription

If you book a class or become one of my online students, then more information is collected from you via third party systems, like Memberpress, PayPal and WooCommerce. All of that information is purely for the purposes of obtaining payment for whichever fabulous service you have opted for and to manage the service that I provide you with. I may use your data to contact you regarding your purchase to follow up or to change a date of a class. This is the only time I will contact you unless you sign up to my fascinating newsletter!

Payment Details

Since your payment information is held securely on these third-party systems, (Stripe and / or PayPal) I *never* get access to your payment details. Both of these companies are GDPR compliant – or so they say.


I may also use your data to market to you via Facebook – usually through their looky likey audience feature that they offer. Basically, what that means is they look at you (via your email address), see what stuff you’ve said you’re interested in and then look for others with the same interests. Hopefully that means that they will find lots of lovely new people for me to expose myself to (Silver Clay wise, you understand) but they do not use your data for any other purposes other than that. Facebook have their own set of policies concerning your privacy since they cocked up after the Cambridge Analytica fiasco. You can check that stuff out here.

Sharing your data

I will never, ever share your data with anyone beyond the third-party companies I’ve already mentioned, unless expressly asked to do so and by that I mean for legal purposes (whatever that may be and I can’t ever imagine that happening!)  And I promise to look after it as carefully as if it were my own.

 Managing your data held with me

You can always tell me to go away and I will not be offended – every email has an unsubscribe button which means you are in complete control.

You can ask me to remove your data and you are also entitled to ask what sort of data that I hold on you – but that will be a very short conversation! If you want to find out then contact me via and I will send you back any details I hold. You will not be charged for this – unless you keep asking, over and over and over again! But be aware, if you have paid for course and ask me to remove all your information from my website, you won’t be able to access any online courses. This is not because I’m being mean – it’s just that I need your email to verify that you’ve paid for the courses you want to access. I am also unable to remove any purchase history of yours because HMRC wouldn’t like it.


Yes, I have cookies on my website – not loads but some. There are two main areas – Two of them are essential to helping my website work the way it’s supposed to and two are for Facebook – to stalk you. Well, not really. But it gives me an idea of what you’re looking at and whether you have responded to my carefully crafted and excellent adverts. If you don’t want these cookies, then you can block them via your browser settings – just be cautious – cos things might not work properly afterwards.

The bottom line

I am quite a busy woman. I have a house, a business, 2 children, a husband and a dog to look after. I am not interested in your data apart from being able to provide a top-notch service to you. I am too tired at the end of the day to be concerned about using your data to steal your identity or sell it to someone else so they can. Silver Clay School is a teeny business and I’m just doing the best I can. I love what I do and I hope that my students do too.

If you’ve gotten to the bottom of the policy, then give yourself a pat on the back and get yourself a cup of tea. And if you need some reading material, can I suggest my Blog page or my Workshop page?