Creativity, now there’s a loaded word.

Do you find it daunting, fun, upsetting, inspiring….GONE? I must tell you – last year was a bitch of a year. I think most of you know, if you read my emails that there was a lot of things that went wrong for me and it did knock the stuffing out of me. And even worse, my creativity packed up its bags and left for pastures new and I didn’t even notice it was gone. Until the tail end of last year. I found myself bored, uninspired and barely able to open a packet of clay far less create something with it.

Thank goodness for teaching – it kept my hand in and I didn’t forget how to do it – I could do the basics all right, I just couldn’t come up with any ideas for new projects and it was getting me down.

What’s a girl to do? When my mojo has left the building and I am staring at a brand-new bag of ACS 950 thinking, if I can’t do something wonderful with that, it’s not getting opened! Talk about putting myself under pressure!

I looked around to see what I could do, because everything creative, from making the kids a tasty dinner, to wrapping a birthday present nicely, to opening a bag of ACS 950 felt so forced. Have you felt like that?

It hasn’t been the first time I’ve felt like this either, losing my creative spark and it usually passes, but it can take an age to come back. But this time, I was fed up. I could see that I needed to take some action – any action – to get back in the swing of things. I was missing being creative and I was sad.

So, I talked to a couple of friends and asked them what had worked for them and they recommended I read 2 books – The Artists Way by Julia Cameron and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I can seriously say that reading these books has changed the way I look at creativity. And the fact that I have been producing work, designing new classes and generally MAKING stuff is a testament to that.

What have I learned, so far about creativity?

  • We are all creative – it doesn’t matter what you think. Just because you can’t draw doesn’t mean you’re not creative. Because just being a human is creative. The way you dress, apply your makeup, cook the dinner, solve problems all require an element of creative thought.
  • Creativity needs to be nurtured and worked at – purposely and every day in some small way. Julia Cameron suggests writing some morning pages each day to declutter your mind, Elizabeth Gilbert says you need to do something (and it doesn’t need to be big or earth shattering or even good). Do something every day – take some time and honour that part of you.
  • Your work doesn’t have to be fabulous all the time. In fact, it probably won’t be most of the time! Stop putting yourself under so much pressure and just enjoy the process. Once you start to take the time to actually enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll relax and ideas will flow.
  • Do what brings you joy. Not what you think you should be doing, not doing what others are doing, but what’s in the heart of you, the thing that makes you happy. This is what life’s about. Being happy and enjoying the ride!

I watch my little girl and I am in awe of her confidence. She practises her creativity daily without even knowing it. She sings (although bless her, she couldny hold a tune in a bucket!). She draws with abandon and shares her art with us with love. She has such a joy about expressing herself in her very own way. And I watch and think, that’s the way to be! As adults, we need to be in tune with that a lot more.


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Until next time!
Creative hugs
Emma xx