Fantastic Silver Clay Earrings! Perfect for a beginner?

Make these simple Silver Clay earrings under 1 hour and stun your friends!

Make these simple Silver Clay earrings under 1 hour and stun your friends!

When I was wracking my brains as to what project I could offer to those wonderful peeps who wanted to have a wee shot of silver clay and a wee shot of what the Silver Clay School had to offer, I had to consider a few things.

  • I wanted something to be attractive, first and foremost. Because if no-one thought that the earrings were lovely and wanted to wear them there would be no point! Every time I wear these gorgeous earrings, I get loads of compliments AND when I say I made them myself (well my friends are never surprised anymore) but strangers are WELL impressed!
    If they knew that you could make them under an hour, I am not sure they would believe it!
  • Secondly, I wanted to make sure that these could be made with the minimum number of tools possible, so that someone didn’t have to go out and invest in equipment that they might never use again.
  • Thirdly, they had to be EASY. And that they are. I am sure most of you have made a paper windmill in your time? And they are little more than that. Sure they have got to be fired and finished, but that’s the learning part and what have you signed up for, if not to learn some new skills?


Steps in the process to make the easiest Silver Clay Earrings ever!

Just some of the photos in the Freebie document!

I am an expert in writing and delivering training courses. I did it in the ‘real world’ for a fair few years. So I have made sure that the training document is very user friendly. The steps are laid out clearly and there are lots of photographs. And if that’s not enough, I will be releasing a video really soon (for a nominal fee) if you want to see this process, up close and personal.

So I hope you love the project and give it a try. I want you to try and I want you to ask me questions if you have any on the Facebook page. I would also love to see the finished pieces!

Until next time!
Emma x

If you fancy trying to make these earrings yourself

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