Silver Clay – What’s to love?

There are so many talented Silver Clay artists out there and I thought it would be nice for you to see some awesome work and to understand that where Silver Clay is concerned, the possibilities of this amazing medium are almost endless!

So here are some of my all time favourites – and some of these people I have been lucky enough to meet and train with! But this list is not exhaustive and I will probably do another similar post really soon! If you want to see more about the individual artists shown here, click on their names, it’ll take you straight to their website.

Terry Kovalcik

72ppi of

Terry trained as an artist and illustrator and as this complex piece shows his ability to paint with paste and add amazing detail to his work.

Joy Funnel

Ventian Mask Joy Funnel

This is one of Joy’s most recognised Ventian Masks, beautifully executed with enamelled accents.

Holly Gage


Holly’s piece called Je t’aime Dual Flame won the prestigious Saul Bell Prize for Metal Clay this year. Amazingly, these figures are hand carved from Silver Clay.

Lesley Messam

Lesley Messam Scissors

Incredibly, these gorgeous pair of scissors are made from Silver Clay, now these may not show Lesley’s amazing artistic  ability fully, but they certainly show her ingenuity!

Janet Alexander

Janet Alexander Silver box

Janet’s beautiful ‘Mom’s Jewellery Box’ has some unexpected surprises built in! In fact the jewellery is displayed on the outside with a bangle, ring, earrings and pendant forming an integral part of the design. How clever! See below.

Janet Alexander Silver box - jewellery shown

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey through some incredible talent, ideas and Silver Clay working!

Til next time

Emma x