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Enrollment for the Online School is closed for now.

But don’t worry!

It will be opening back up again in the New Year – with a FREE Challenge, so if you want to be the first to know when it’s going to open up again, get on my email list!

Oh and you’ll also get your mitts on my FREE Beginner’s Guide to Silver Clay which should give you lots to read whilst you’re waiting!

And if you want to read a little bit more about Silver Clay School’s online programme and what it offers, read on x

Why join the Online Silver Clay School?

Silver Clay School is the first online school to take a student from complete novice to confident silver clay artist. I have created a comprehensive course that covers all the amazing possibilities of silver clay and crafted a module which covers it in depth.

You will learn

How to make beautiful highly textured pieces, using silver clay’s malleable properties.

How to craft rings that fit every time.

How to create beautiful keepsake jewellery from prints and drawings.

How to make beautiful and unique pieces inspired by nature’s gifts.

How to craft amazing 3-dimensional beads to give your jewellery a wonderful statement.

How to create beautiful chains that express your individualty

And much more.

Each separate Module dives in deep to ensure that you have all the information you need to master a particular aspect of making jewellery with silver clay. You will be challenged, enchanted and inspired by all these different skills.

Everything is delivered to you in easily manageable and accessible training. Watch in depth, close up videos so you can see every move I make. Listen to me talk you through why I do the things I do.

Read over the comprehensive downloadable documents, which accompany the videos, so you have a clear understanding of what you need to do. You’ll know which tools you need for every project, the silver clay you will be using and why.

Each Module builds on your skills from the one before – so you know that every month you are learning and growing as a silver clay artist.

And you’ll be supported!

We have our own private Facebook group where you can share what you are doing, get hints and tips about working with this fantastic medium and get your questions answered quickly.

I want you to feel supported and cared for when you’re one of my students! It’s really important to me.

But don’t just take my word for it – have a look at what some of my students have to say….

Thank you so much for this lovely course. The written material is excellent and the videos are very good and clear.

Added to this I can always reach you on the group page and you always respond promptly-you’re very generous with sharing your knowledge.  Thank you for your advice and support.


Great explanations and vids! Thank you so much!


Am loving the first module of the course Emma got a bit carried away tho and made a few pendants!! 😂. Really enjoyed making them, your videos and notes are brilliant


I have also completed the year long online course, which is amazing and enjoy being able to access further information via the post course website too.

Thank you Emma for opening my eyes to this fantastic method of silver jewellery making.


Don't Be Shy

If you have any questions at all about joining Silver Clay School, then please feel free to email me!