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How does the Online School work?

The Silver Clay Online School is a monthly subscription club. You join and pay on a monthly basis. Every month you’ll get access to a brand new project with videos and student notes, hints, tips and any other goody I can think of to throw in!

What's included in the monthly package?
Each month you will receive:

  • at least one skills video, usually more
  • written step by step instructions to print and download when you need
  • access to the Facebook group for tips, hints and support for life
  • access to a monthly Q&A session where you can ask detailed questions about anything you might be struggling with for life
  • In addition to all this, you will receive a voucher every 3 months for kiln firing so you can get your pieces kiln fired and tumble polished
How much does the Silver Clay School cost?
The investment you make in your silver clay adventure is just £37 per month.
Can I do this at my own pace?
Yes! Absolutely. The programme is designed so that you can pick up and leave when you need to go back to your ‘real life’. Videos are kept short so that you don’t have to watch the whole process in one sitting, the documents are there to make sure everything is one place, so you can take notes and watch at the same time. You will be supported, encouraged and nutured in the Silver Clay School!
Can I come for in-person training?

Yes! Absolutely! If you prefer to learn in person, watching a highly experienced tutor and chewing her ear off with lots of questions, then my Studio classes will fit the bill! Just have a look here for more information.